DescriptionHoor office building design started as a revision for the existing structure of the project. The program was about designing double height commercial spaces at the ground floor and office units on the top floors. The building has a unique location, it’s in the corner of a highway with a high traffic in Tehran, and therefore, it could have a significant role as a monument in the city’s image.Design concept engendered by an effort to attain glory. Our aim was to design a glam building which draws passers attention. On the contrary to common buildings, which has been glorified by elaboration and complexity, the architect was willing to reach to this goal with simple geometrical structures and ease.To induce splendor to observers there were some principal factors:Primitive design idea was developed by considering the entrance as a substantial element. Increasing Entry height would induce the mentioned sense of glory.Aligning the façade’s windows vertically makes a unified vertical structure for the building emphasizing our conceptual aim.And the last factor is visual vocabulary in design. In psychology vertical lines narrates glory, greatness and confidence. If it is repeated with some repetitious pattern will transmit our main concept.North entrance of building advocates an Iranian porch and as a secondary space which is used as a tool to connect the building with urban passage, thus a more inviting entrance is resulted.Building’s materials (stone and glass) are selected in a way to create contrast in the façade’s pattern and to avoid making attraction by formal complexity.

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